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            Changzhou Shengze forging factory is a professional production of rings lifting bolt, nut and a variety of forging hit parts of the enterprise, company has advanced and complete production, testing equipment; strong technical force, more than 20 million in the production of a variety of precision forging.
            To "quality first, customer first" to win customers, is the company's business philosophy. Company in 2007 ...[詳細介紹]
        Address: Jiangsu province Changzhou city Wujin District District Pu an Cun industry
        Hand machine: 13861292580
        Electric words: 0519-86733114, 86732191
        Biography: 0519-86736114
        Web site: http://www.czzhjd.com
        Swinging rings screw: screw ring as a standard fasteners, which is widely used in mechanical and electrical products, its main role is lifting the load. The screw ring structure form and size, technical requirements, weight lifting and applying conditions have detailed provisions. Therefore, in addition to......[詳細介紹]
        Lifting eye nuts: eyebolt is refers to the nut and bolt or screw rod together to play of the fastening parts, all production machinery manufacturing must use one of the original. The nut is fixed with the common engineering ring pendant. Below the nut with a screw thread, according to the different ......[詳細介紹]
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        地 址: 江蘇省常州市武進區禮嘉鎮坂上工業園區 手 機: 13861292580 電 話: 0519-86733114、86732101 傳 真: 0519-86736114
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